Malaysia (so far) …

Malaysia (so far) …

My time here in Malaysia so far has been awesome. Most of my days are spent on set at work, working in the VFX team on a show here at Pinewood Studios.

Being on a show which has many foreign crew hired from many corners of the world, our Malaysian colleagues have welcomed us here to their studios with open arms. The food here has also been a major highlight, with a diverse mix of cultures and influences here in Malaysia, the range of interesting delicacies from around the world are endless.

And of course on the weekends (when I’m not working!) I have been seizing the opportunities to head out on little adventures, exploring some of the gems that Malaysia has to offer.

Below I’ve put together a collection of frames from these ventures, starting with Kukup – a little seaside village which is located on the southern West coast, and just a short drive from where I’m living in Johor Bahru. I was told that nearly all of its inhabitants are fishermen, with most of the houses built over the water on stilts. After wandering through the roads that lead to the ocean, we found ourselves amongst the boardwalks, meeting some friendly locals and taking in some of the interesting sights along the way.


Getting lost amongst the colourful streets of Kuala Lumpur…



Monkeys hanging about outside Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur. These guys were so mischievous, the amount of food and drinks I watched them carefully swipe from unsuspecting tourists!



Interesting decor spotted in a little secondhand book shop in Malacca…


Overlooking the rooftops of Malacca from my window…