Hello, I’m Emily

Since the first time I picked up a borrowed camera and started shooting images,
I haven’t been able to stop.

Several thousands of dollars worth of equipment (and several hundred thousand images) later, the joy that photography gives me has not faded.

For me, the essence of photography is storytelling. This is why I am so drawn to wedding photography.

A wedding is a story. I like the idea that the images I take become the chronicle of that story. So whether it is weeks, months, or even years later, you can be transported back to that special day.

In the off-season, I work as a freelancer in the film and television industry. It is busy, sleepless work but it is also extremely rewarding to work amongst some of the most talented people I could ever meet.

When I’m not working in any of the above areas, you will often find me reading books, watching Wes Anderson films, and exploring (and getting lost in) new places.

But that’s enough about me – I’d love to hear about you! Send a message my way.