Gina + Mark

OK… so this will probably be a longer post than my usual here on Clipic… I have so many thoughts spilling out of my brain right now, jumbled together to describe my experience with Gina & Mark. So.. I’ll start at the very beginning.

Earlier in the year, I had returned home after a long day at work… before I drifted off to sleep, at approximately 10pm, my email jumped into action … I had received a genuine, heartfelt email from a girl named Gina, hoping that I was still free to photograph her wedding. Photographers would understand, you receive a lot of these email enquiries… but every now and then, you receive the type of enquiry which makes your heart leap and fills you with warm fuzzies. I suddenly felt so awake, I typed out my reply straight away. Her response told me she’d literally fallen off the couch in excitement that I was still free. I sat in my room smiling from ear to ear. This was the first sign that I was about to book a client who I would absolutely adore.

Skip forward a month and I finally get to meet Gina and Mark over Skype…. I could see immediately, they were a perfect example of the type of couple I love to photograph. Chatting with them and seeing these two together – this is exactly what love looks like.

And on the day itself, the moments that were shared between the two of them and their nearest & dearest – the laughter, smiles, tears, and love – I spent every single moment of this day with my camera poised in my hands, snapping away these moments – the big moments and the little moments in between. I live for these moments, and they were everywhere at their wedding.

So here it is… a collection of images from Gina & Mark’s beautiful Sudbury Wedding.

I was so lucky to bring on a talented second shooter for this particular wedding – thanks a million to Nadine from Tim Kelly Photography. I couldn’t have picked a better companion for this day.



Wedding Date

December, 2014

Wedding Location



December 29, 2015