I absolutely love spontaneous shoots. When I first started to explore photography, I would wrangle friends, relatives, people I spotted on the street, people who made me feel inspired in some may… we would take off on little adventures together, them frolicking around in front of my lens, me taking a zillion pictures of moments as they happened. After each and every shoot I would always feel so inspired and excited about photography. That’s probably why, especially when I started shooting, I would spend as many moments as I could with my camera in my hands, wrangling as many people as possible to step in front of my lens..

Earlier this week, I was gazing out the window in my office noticing the beautiful light streaming through. I felt compelled to be out there, shooting someone… and immediately thought of my friend, Shalomé.

This girl, in a word, is amazing. We wandered together, listening to Beirut, chasing the final moments of light as the sun set behind the hills. We also played on the best. flying. fox. ever !! …but that’s a whole other story.




Photographer: Emily Roper from Clipic Model: Shalomé


April 6, 2015


Fashion & Media